About Us

Plug-It Products was founded in 1986. Our President has been active in the industry since 1973: servicing municipalities, maintenance contractors, underground contractors, and rental companies. We have designed our products to withstand the extreme use by the rental company customers. We manufacture all products in-house. We have successfully designed products to fit all of your needs.

We are known Industry wide for user friendly custom designs, quick special production, private labeling, and aluminum and steel fabrication. Most catalog items shipped same day. Quick troubleshooting. Repairable. Service Oriented.

Quote on custom products — Same Day

We rent and sell our products to rental companies & dealers through our factory warehouses across the country!

Some Facts to Compare When Selecting a Pipe Plug

Inflation Pressure –

A higher inflation pressure gives a better safety margin against back pressure. We feature some of the highest inflation pressures in the industry. Compare and see for yourself! 

Reinforcement – 

Some plugs are molded and have no reinforcement, but they are cheaper to buy. We use several materials for reinforcement such as polyester cord and DuPont Kevlar®. While Kevlar does not make our bladders bullet-proof, we can use fewer layers of reinforcement with Kevlar as compared to polyester cord. This saves labor cost while constructing the bladder! 

Safety Relief Valves – 

Plug-It Products has featured Safety Relief Valves in some of our products for over 12 years

Our Valves automatically reset to the proper pressure if the plug is over-inflated, so the contractor can continue using the plug

The pressure relief valves help protect the plug from damage caused from over-inflation. Look for dealers who rent plugs with Safety Relief Valves! Don’t buy a rental plug that fails because of the previous user! 

Versatility – 

Our 400 Series Multi-Size Flow Diverters with flanged ends offer many different options; diverting flow, for pumping, or bypassing inside of a structure

Our 900, 910, 925, & 950 Series can be used as Joint Testers or Grout Packers

Our Multi-Size Joint Testers give the most wall clearance between the bladder and pipe wall. Our Joint Testers will clear allowable deflection and most bends in pipe, ending the need to disassemble the tester inside the pipe

Our 925 Series Collapsible Joint Testers can test a larger diameter pipe while slipping through a 24″ manhole opening, so the cone does not have to be pulled

Shop & Compare, the lowest price is not always the best deal!
We want you to inflate our plugs, not blow them up!